Our Sense of Awareness


From the vantage point of being a born-again Christian who spent a lot of time in physics, I have a unique take on the territory where these two fields of thought clash.

I know that many other scientists are Christian, as well as those who reject the faith.


My complaint with the latter group, is they seem to go by the idea that life can create itself. They’ve accomplished creating new lifeforms by tampering with genetics and biology, and they say this is proof that the first living creature evolved from a primordial goo of the elements.


My problem with this comes down to one simple thing: The one thing all living animals have, man included, is a sense of awareness. You could mix up a bunch of primordial goo and create new lifeforms from it, but that doesn’t explain where the concept of “awareness” comes. How do we know we exist? How do we know everything else exists? I claim that self-awareness is the key to the concept of soul. It’s one essence that can’t come from itself.

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One thought on “Our Sense of Awareness

  1. Fascinating post Dave on the science versus religion debate! As you allude to, both ideas have validity.

    Since I’ve known you for many years, I can vouch for the fact that you’ve given this a lot of thought.

    Take Care,



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