God’s Dual Nature

As a Christian with a strong background in physics I’ve been confused about the nature of God. With my science background, I’m well aware of the incredible intelligence of the creator of this universe. When I look at the pictures from the Hubble telescope of the far-off galaxies and nebulas of outer space, I am amazed at the bigness of God. When I look at the laws of physics of the microscopic world, such as quantum mechanics and particle theory, I see how brilliant God is.

What’s confused me all these years, is that it seems like God has a dual nature. To accompany his infinite intellect we have the Bible. The bible shows us how this same God loves us infinitely and cares for us even though we’re particles of sand compared to the size of this universe.

That’s when I got it. God is both. He is both an infinite genius, he also incorporates infinite love. Both sides of God exist. In the fields of physics and Christianity we are taught that things have to be one way or another. It’s only when I grasped that they’re two sides of the same coin, that my understanding increased.

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