Minimum Wages and Unemployment

Why is it that when anybody says we should raise the minimum wage everyone starts talking unemployment. The argument against it is that if we increase the minimum wage, small businesses can’t afford to pay that increase to its workers, and they will have to lay off workers to pay for it.

 Why don’t people say the same thing about CEO’s. When a CEO gets a 5 million dollar bonus, how many jobs is that costing? If an increase of twenty-five cents an hour for workers results in massive unemployment, how many minimum wage workers does the economy lose as a result of that 5 million dollars paid to the CEO’s of these companies.

This is the truth. If a small business can’t afford to pay a living wage to its workers it shouldn’t be in business. The argument that keeping wages lower than that saves jobs is the same argument the south made in the Civil War. They told people that they couldn’t make a profit and stay in business unless they were allowed to use slaves.

 The argument that illegal aliens will do jobs Americans won’t do falls under the same category. It’s not that Americans won’t do those jobs -they just expect to receive a living wage for their work. Having 12 million illegal aliens in the job force drives wages down for Americans. If American businesses want to stay in business, they should have to pay Americans a living wage.



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