Analog Windshield Wipers

Everyone’s familiar with the ways windshield wipers come with 3 or 4 different settings. There’s the manual mode where we pull down on a lever and the windshield makes one swipe. The next mode is where the windshield wipers move on their own, only they mix periods of wiping and pausing. The next level is where it continuously wipes, but you have no control over how long and how fast it’ll wipe. The last setting is a faster continual wiping, but again, the driver has no control over how fast the windshield wiped.

All of these modes are digital. What that means is that there are only a few standard settings and you are out of luck if you want any further control than that. What if we had analog settings rather than digital, so that we had the ability to choose any speed over a whole range of possibilities, as well as how much time is spent pausing between wipes.

In the olden days, that would have been impossible. But with today’s technology, it’s not that far off to design pressure sensors that measure the rate the rain makes on the windshield.

When I came up with this idea, I researched this in google. Turns out somebody has designed a windshield wiper whose speed depends on the speed at which the car is driving. Although this is good, it still doesn’t solve the problem of gauging the speed of the wipers according to the ferocity of the rain that is hitting the windshield.

Drivers well know how hard it is to see through a big summer’s Midwest thunderstorm. The problem with using car speed to set the windshield wiper speed is that sometimes the rainstorm is so hard, you can’t see out of your front window even if the car is stopped.

Finally, you should be allowed to change the baseline about which your wipers can wipe. With this control, you can set an average rate of wiping to be either faster or slower than the default setting. This allows the user to override the automatic settings and set it for the individual driver.


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