Custom Taste Buds

With today’s increase in specialization in technology as well as the biological sciences, a whole new wave of the future could lie in customizing our taste buds.

The idea is as follows:

I’m making an assumption, like everything else genetic and having to do with humans, our taste buds are all different. Maybe there’s a geneticist out there that could help us shed light on the project. Is it possible that everyone’s taste buds can be mapped the way fingerprints are, different for each one of us?

My thought with this is it opens up a whole different way of purchasing and cooking our food. I believe a revolution in our diets is possible with this kind of development. If we knew what kinds of food pleases our taste buds along with those that don’t, then maybe we can change the way we spice and cook out foods in order to please those taste buds.

On one hand, it would make it possible to find the foods that taste best to us. On the other, we might learn how to prepare and spice our foods in order to make those healthy things we don’t like more palatable to our stomachs. What mom wouldn’t love to have that kind of power over getting her kids to eat their vegetables?

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