Trying on Clothes Online

In the last ten or fifteen years, the market for buying clothes has moved to making purchases online. With the Internet, it’s easy to shop for clothes from your home.

Here’s what I believe could be the next generation in clothes shopping over the internet.

Just like you can take photos with a laptop or cell phone, what if the technology went one step forward so that not only can we photograph ourselves, but we can make a 3-dimensional model of ourselves, something similar to a hologram. This image is capable of being rotated over 360 Degrees. It would have your face, as well as the rest of your body.

The next thing would then be to shop online at clothes vendors by using the technology to try on different clothes for you, so that you can not only see what it looks like on models, but what you look like in it rather than the models.

This might lead into the need for some sort of standardization to exist in order to make this feasible on a wide scale. In that case, who will be the first to develop this technology?

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