What Can be Done with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a wide-open new industry with countless of applications, some big and some small.

NASA uses it in its flight simulators to train astronauts for the Space Station. Maybe we could put simulators in high schools to help students learn how to drive. That would solve the problem where parents who can’t afford enough for driving education would have to let their kids go without learning to drive. This would also result in better trained drivers coming out of high school. Which would translate into less accidents and lower insurance rates.

Another idea is for carnival rides. Just like NASA’s simulators, simulators for carnival rides can provide the same experience for roller coaster riders as the physical roller coaster itself. This would save all the expense of putting the rides together at each new town. Plus, although roller coasters rarely break down, knowing you’re in a simulator can provide some relief for those who don’t trust machines.

This third application could be a stretch. But what about premature babies? Sometimes babies are born so underweight, they have to stay in an incubator for the early months of their life. What if they were to be put in simulators where they experience the handling of a mother. It’s well known that the amount of handling in the formative years in a baby’s life has a lot to do with how well the child does later in life. Would substituting nurturing this way until the real mother can nurture the baby herself help produce healthier, more successful babies? Would be interested in any feedback on this.


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