Smart Laundry Sorter

Here’s an idea for an invention. A smart laundry sorter.

Today’s technology creates and uses sensors for everything. Traffic lights have sensors that tell how many cars are waiting in each lane. Scales that used to read a man’s weight now use sensors to measure Body Mass Index. Barometers are a sensor of yesteryear.

What if clothes manufacturers instilled chips in the clothing they sell that tells the person washing them what washing machines settings are best recommended for that piece of clothing.

I envision a machine that looks similar to a large laundry basket that can serve as a hamper for the week’s wash.  This machine can read the chips inserted by the clothing manufacturer in two passes.

In the first pass, the machine reads sensors to inform the launderer what water temperature to use. It will sort the clothes into piles of Hot, Warm and Cold.

On the second pass, the smart laundry sorter will further organize the laundry by fabric type. It will take each of the Hot, Warm, and Cold piles and subdivided them into Permanent Press, Delicate, etc.

The machine will have the ability to separate each piece of clothing into separate piles for each combination of settings. Of course, the option of manually overriding any of the systems must be built into it too. This product would be a boon not only to the housewife who does laundry for the whole household, but also for the college student who understands calculus but has no clue how to do their laundry.

The technology needed to invent and implement this machine is out there already. By itself, it seems to be the smallest thing in helping life get better. But if it caught on, and were to be implemented over our whole country (or world for bigger thinkers), who knows how far this idea can fly.






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