Magnetic Golf Balls

Here’s an off the wall idea. How about magnetic golf balls?

Baseball has its spitball, an old-fashioned way for pitchers to cheat. Spitters are notoriously hard to hit and are illegal but pitchers still find ways to get around that.

How about spin-balls for golfers? One of the hardest things about golf is putt-ing. What if it were possible to doctor golf balls so that they are attracted to the metal cup marking the hole?

If golf balls were made with a magnetic core, the very act of putt-ing them could put enough spin on the balls to create a close range magnetic field near the vicinity of the cup. This field could either bend the trajectory of the ball to the right or to the left, depending on the angle at which the ball is struck. It might cause enough of an attraction to the cup to make the ball fall in the hole when otherwise it would just miss.

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