Making Movies from Home Software

David Gere’s Junkbox: Entrepreneurs Corner
What about software for making movies from home?

Just like video gamers can choose their own characters, weapons, tools and types of heroes and monsters, why not create software for people to tell whatever stories they want via technology.

The potential of this is unlimited. There could be thousands of characters to choose from. Thousands of types of weapons. Thousands of tools.

But it goes even farther. Why not map out actions? For example, sword fights or chase scenes or romantic moments. Add in dialog, setting, internal thoughts. Choose personality traits.

When you look at games such as Madden and see how it’s grown since its inception, you realize almost anything can be done with video technology.

Over time, this might become the new wave in screenwriting. Or at least in mapping out and outlining a potential movie or play. It’s almost scary when you think about it.A